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Beam Group

Let us exceed your expectations every step of the way

In response to modern challenges, we decided to create a company that would offer people a unique living environment and take care of their comfort and peace. That is why in 2023 we founded the Beam group with the slogan: - "A new ray in your life". We know that today's new standard of living requires not only the creation of infrastructure, but also its maintenance. Using modern technologies, with the help of qualified personnel and following ISO standards, we build an environment that accurately expresses our idea of a perfect home.

About us


With modern technologies, qualified personnel and compliance with international standards, we will create a comfortable and cozy environment for you.

Redefining urban living by creating exceptional spaces that inspire and elevate everyday experiences.


Our goal is to strive for perfection, starting from the architectural design, ending with handing over the keys to the apartment.

Giving emotions with priority locations and stunning views, improving the quality of life of our residents. Enriching the city's architecture through innovative design and attention to detail.


Our main value is to clearly fulfill the given obligation, which further simplifies the relationship with future tenants.


We conduct business with honesty, transparency and integrity, building trust with our stakeholders and developing long-term relationships. 

27 May -2024

11th floor

The tile of the 11th floor is completed in Bagebi.

20 May -2024

10th-floor columns

Including the 9th floor, the monolith works have been completed. On the 10th floor, columns, and beams are poured, and reinforcement is mined (rebar burning). Up to the 6th floor, the construction of the inner walls of the apartments is in progress.

25 April -2024

Monolith works

At the +18.98 mark in Bagebi, the work on the monolith of the residential floor has been completed and the columns of the 8th floor are being reinforced (rebar burning). 

03 April -2024

6th floor

Columns and rails have been poured on the 5th floor, while iron work is being done on the 6th floor.