Where is your building located?

Tbilisi city, Bagebi, Tskneti lane N1 (on the left side of the Ska bar).

See map for exact location.

why bagebi?

People's perception of modern life style has changed compared to the past years. Today, when choosing a house, preference is given to places that are in the center of the city and at the same time are close to nature.

Living in the buggies is the same as living in a country house - there is peace here. Bagebi is the best place to live in Tbilisi, it is quiet, away from noise and dust. In addition to the fact that proximity to nature greatly improves the quality of our life, it helps us maintain our health, it also gives us aesthetic pleasure and creates an attractive living environment, where the harmonious atmosphere of nature is reflected in the interior and causes a feeling of coziness.

What does our project offer?

"Beam Group in Bagebi" is located in the bustling heart of the city centre. The project is distinguished by an excellent address that offers comfort and accessibility. You have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the lively culture and sights of the city in a few minutes, enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views that diversify the urban life of the residents.

We offer a synthesis of quality and comfort, the best experience of modern life. We are creating a project with even more attractive features beyond its central location:

  • Extraordinary city backgrounds and landscapes that inspire and fascinate you;
  • Perfection of construction processes, which is confirmed by ISO certification;
  • An exterior that stands the test of time;
  • Security and video control 24/7;
  • Cleaning and maintenance service;
  • Green yard;
  • Garage.

How many and what kind of project buildings are being built?

Beam Group is building 1 (one) 13 (thirteen) storey building in Bagebi, which includes 85 apartments.

  • Commercial and office spaces are located on -2 floors;
  • There are 9 apartments from the second floor to the tenth floor;
  • There are 4 apartments on the eleventh floor.

When will the construction be completed?

The construction of Beam Group Bagebi will be completed on December 31, 2025.

At what stage is the construction?

See the build process.

How reliable is the construction?

"Beam Group" takes care of the customer's peace of mind and takes responsibility for all stages of construction. The perfection of the construction processes is confirmed by ISO certification, which will give you a high sense of reliability that the project we are creating in Bagebi, in the city centre, meets the highest international standards of quality and efficiency. From planning to perfect execution, we ensure that every step of the construction process is carried out with precision and perfection.

How many square meters is the smallest apartment?

Beam Group, the smallest apartment in Bagebi starts from 49.4 square meters. This is a studio apartment with 1 (one) separate bedroom.

How many square meters is the largest apartment?

Beam Group, the largest apartment in Bagebi is 570 square meters. This is a studio apartment, which means a kitchen and 3 (three) bedrooms, as well as two terraces.

How seismically resistant is the building?

Beam Group poured 1400 long meters of concrete slabs for additional strength of the project in Bagebi, and the project is designed for an 8 (eight) magnitude earthquake.

Can I track the construction process?

Transparency and user awareness are a priority for Beam Group, so you can follow regular updates about the construction process, which are updated step by step. In addition, you can visit the construction site at will, observing safety norms.

How is the project regulated?

For Beam Group, it is a priority to plan the project meticulously in cooperation with architects, builders, engineers and partners. This includes detailed scheduling, resource allocation and procurement planning to streamline the construction process from start to finish. The company fully understands the responsibility of the deadlines set by the City Hall and completes the construction process in full compliance with the plan-schedule.

Since 2024, the company holds the ISO 9001:2015 certificate, which is a document of meeting the requirements for the organization's quality management system. Possession of the certificate ensures compliance of the organization's activities with international norms.

What material is the facade made of?

The external facade is completely covered and darkened. The walls are filled with 20 cm thick pumice building block, high quality laminated, cast concrete, wood texture ventilated facade and black marble natural stone. Glass railings, doors and windows made of black aluminum profile and stained-glass windows are installed on the balconies.

Does the building have a garage?

Beam Group Bagebi building has a garage for 39 (thirty nine) cars located on the -1 and 1st floors and a parking for 3 (three) cars in the yard area, which also includes a parking for people with special needs.

What has been planned in the area surrounding the construction (recreational environment or yard arrangement)?

606.2 square meters of green space, children's playground, Caucasian linden, Himalayan cedar are planted, and lighting is arranged according to the general plan and dendro project in Beam Group Bagebi.