Bagebi - a place where luxury meets craftsmanship and your vision becomes a reality

Bagebi - a place where luxury meets craftsmanship and your vision becomes a reality

People's perception of modern life style has changed compared to the past years. Most of them prefer a healthy and active life, where career advancement and leisure are important at the same time. Therefore, when choosing a house, people prefer places that are in the center of the city and at the same time are close to nature. This, on the one hand, allows you to actively engage in business or social life, and on the other hand, it offers ideal conditions for rest and relaxation in nature. In today's blog, we will discuss the factors that make downtown projects the most sought-after properties. If you also want to live in such a place, we offer the best experience of modern life by synthesizing quality and comfort in our project.

A healthy environment

Today we have to live in an ecologically polluted environment. This problem is especially acute in densely populated cities, where healthy air is replaced by polluted air from emissions and construction works. The air quality in Tbilisi does not meet the standard set by the World Health Organization. 71% of air pollution comes from vehicles. Unfortunately, the content of carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide in the air is particularly high: in Gldani, Isani, Agmashenebeli, Tsereteli and Rustaveli avenues. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a residence in a natural or artificial green area so that we can breathe fresh air every day and do less harm to our health. Bagebi are not overloaded with transport and the environment is less polluted with harmful emissions. Consequently, the health of people living in buggies is less at risk of air-borne diseases.

The possibility of an active life

Along with being close to nature, it is important that the apartment is in the center of the city, because professional, cultural or social life is mostly concentrated in the center. Commercial, educational, medical, entertainment and educational facilities are located in the center of the city, without which the everyday life of a modern person is unthinkable. At the same time, the proximity to the center alleviates the problem of transportation, which avoids long traffic jams and makes it easier for you to move on foot. The Bagebi project gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the city's vibrant culture and sights in a matter of minutes.

Aesthetically attractive environment

Living in the buggies is the same as living in a country house - there is peace here. Bagebi is the best place to live in Tbilisi, it is quiet, away from noise and dust. In addition to the fact that proximity to nature greatly improves the quality of our life, it helps us maintain our health, it also gives us aesthetic pleasure and creates an attractive living environment, where the harmonious atmosphere of nature is reflected in the interior and causes a feeling of coziness. This has a positive effect on our emotional and mental state.

Nature at your door

We don't just offer a home - we offer a front-row seat to the city's most stunning views, allowing you to experience the magic of urban living every day. Bagebi is a place where everything you need for modern life is around you. You have the opportunity to visit important places for you in a few minutes.

  • Vake pool - 4 minutes from you;
  • Vake Park - 5 minutes from you;
  • M. Meskhi Stadium - 5 minutes from you;
  • Turtle Lake - 7 minutes from you;
  • Mziuri - 10 minutes from you;
  • City Mall - 15 minutes from you.

What do you offer?

We offer a synthesis of quality and comfort, the best experience of modern life. We are creating a project with an even more attractive feature beyond its central location:

  • Location - the opportunity to live in the bustling heart of the city center;
  • Extraordinary city backgrounds and landscapes that inspire and fascinate you;
  • Perfection of construction processes, which is confirmed by ISO certification;
  • An exterior that stands the test of time;
  • Security and video control 24/7;
  • Cleaning and maintenance service;
  • A green yard;
  • Garage.

Beam Group gives you the opportunity to breathe easy, live comfortably and start well-being at home.